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Campbell Paterson’s Catalogue of
New Zealand Stamps

The “CP New Zealand” is not just a two volume colour stamp catalogue. It’s a whole new way of collecting New Zealand stamps.


It’s a superb new idea for the collector who has become tired of being frustrated by the lack of information and confusing lists of issues and varieties.


You’ll easily find every issue and variety in the simple to locate, easy to read lists, with their unique classification system.


Each issue of stamp has a letter (A, B, etc) Each value in that issue has a number (A1, A2 etc) each variety has a letter (A1a, A2a etc) and all the watermarks, paper, plate and other varieties are listed naturally in the appropriate place beneath these cast iron classifications.


Each issue or group of stamps has it’s own section (King George V, commemoratives etc.) each section features permanent pages for essential information and temporary pages for price, variety and other information which may be revised from time to time – examine the sample sheets – you’ll be impressed.

Campbell Patterson Stamp Catalogue

Example of a permanent page Campbell pattersonExample of  a Permanent Page

You’ll save money with the brilliantly conceived loose leaf plan. Automatically mailed to you, each years impressive new pages slip easily into the book – bring it right up to date. Never again will you have to buy a new catalogue – and it’s super quality materials will last indefinitely.


Your hobby will cost you little helped by the ease of sorting stamps and the issues and varieties you will find (Yes – some rare and often valuable).


You’ll be absolutely confident that if it’s “NEW ZEALAND” and is worth collecting – then it will be listed in the exhaustive pages of “CP NEW ZEALAND”, and if you discover a rare new variety yourself – tell us – show us, and we’ll list it in the catalogue. You’ll be very much part of the mainstream of philately with your “CP NEW ZEALAND”.


You’ll become one of a select worldwide group of philatelists, using the world’s leading stamp cataloguing system. Your hobby will grow in interest and fascination for you.

You’ll learn quickly from all the expertise and experience that is put into your “CP”. A new enjoyment will open to you in the guidance notes and collector support sections.


Your eye will delight in the fine colour reproduction throughout – the detailed variety illustrations. It’s a feast of interest and pleasure.


You’ll plot the investment in your stamps year-by-year.


Watch them grow in scarcity and value with the full price listings.


CP Catalogue Price
Order your copy of the CP Catalogue for $250.00 per copy delivered anywhere in New Zealand or $275.00 per copy delivered anywhere in the world.


Note that postage, packing and insurance is included in the price quoted.

example of a temporary page - campbell patterson

Example of a Temporary Page

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New Zealand.


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